Plumber Brisbane

Plumbing problems can pop up at any time and without any warning. You need a reliable plumber in your corner to address the issue quickly and restore the system. That’s exactly what we provide at Affinity Plumbing Solutions.

We have a team of experienced, qualified, and dedicated plumbers. They travel in fully-equipped vans and aim to complete the job in one visit. If you need a prompt and reliable plumber Brisbane, we are the right choice.

Our Plumber Brisbane Services

We offer a wide range of plumbing services under one roof. Whether you want to replace a damaged pipe or install a new hot water system, our team can help. Here’s a look at our services:

  • Water, Stormwater, and Drainage – We make sure all your water supply and drainage systems are in good order. Our experts can install stormwater drains to draw water away from your property. We can remove clogs, replace damaged drain pipes, and make sure all your fixtures drain properly.
  • Gas Install, Certification, and Testing – Installing gas lines requires training and in-depth knowledge of the local regulations. We have certified plumbers that can install a strong, durable network of gas pipes. We can also inspect and test the system to ensure there are no leaks or vulnerable spots. If you notice a gas leak, cut the supply and call us immediately. Our gas fitter Brisbane team will use sophisticated detection equipment to isolate the source of the leak and carry out repairs.
  • Drain Locating and CCTV Inspection – Sometimes it is difficult to isolate the source of a water or sewage leak. Most of the plumbing is behind walls or underground. We have sensitive instruments and sophisticated CCTV inspection tools to help isolate the source of the leak. Our experts will identify the location of the clog or damage before recommending repairs.
  • Hot Water – Modern home owners have come to rely on a consistent supply of hot water. If your system stops functioning or isn’t heating water properly, give us a call. Our Brisbane plumber will arrive at your location quickly and carry out a full assessment. They will tell you whether the heater needs repairs or replacement. Most hot water units are built to last for 10-15 years and will function properly throughout their lifespan. Our hot water Brisbane team will only recommend repairs if it is absolutely necessary.
  • Roofing, Guttering, and Rainwater – Poor roof draining can cause a lot of structural damage and even lead to a flooded basement. We can send a technician to repair your roof’s gutter system, install a better gutter, and make sure there’s no water damage.
  • Fire Mains, Hydrants, and Hose Reels – Fire can happen anywhere and at any time, which is why it is important to maintain some form of fire fighting set-up on your property. We can install fire mains, hydrants, and hose reels in your building. Clients can also book a regular inspection and maintenance service to ensure the set-up is always in a working order.
  • Asset Management – Our company offers commercial property maintenance and asset management services as well. We will make sure the plumbing system in your property is always in good condition and will carry out repairs promptly.

If you want to know more about our services, speak with our customer care executive today. They will answer your questions and handle emergencies as well.


What Sets Us Apart?

All clients want reliable Brisbane plumbers who deliver consistent services and can help them with plumbing emergences. We have been around since 2012 and have gained 100% customer satisfaction on almost every project. Our team consists of well-trained, experienced, and friendly professionals. Here’s a look at what sets us apart from other plumbers in the area:

  • Tailored Services – Our services are tailored according to the client’s requirements. Our experts sit down with you to understand the full scope of the job before offering solutions.
  • Transparent Billing – We have a transparent billing system so you can keep track of all expenses involved. All jobs, purchase orders, and request numbers are mentioned clearly on the invoice. You can also see time-stamps and geo-mapped records on the bill, which helps ensure that there’s no overcharging.
  • Safety – Our work always lives up to established safety standards and complies with local building codes. It will pass all inspections and deliver a good performance for years to come.
  • Cost Savings – As experienced Brisbane plumbers, we understand the importance of long-term cost savings. No one wants to call plumbers repeatedly because they have a bad system of pipes and fixtures. Our experts make sure all installations and repairs are durable.
  • We also maintain an open, honest, and straightforward relationship with clients. You can trust our plumbers to always offer the most prudent solution for plumbing issues.

    If you want to know more or wish to hire a reliable plumber Brisbane, get in touch with Affinity Plumbing Solutions. You can all 1300 066 766 or use our contact form to reach us.

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