Our Services

Our commercial customers include schools, universities, apartment complexes and hotels, churches, science facilities, child care centres and a range of other government and private businesses.

We have state of the art drainage equipment including electric eels, jetters, cameras and locators and are trained and experienced in poly-welding, height safety, confined space and other skills that are integral to completing plumbing work.

Our skills and training

We constantly provide training to our team in all areas including personal development, safety and professional skills. It means our team are always engaged and satisfied in their work - and it means that you can be assured that you will always be taken care of by someone with up to date skills, a fantastic attitude, who treats safety as a priority, not only for themselves but for those around them.

Training includes working in heights and confined spaces, rescue skills including rescue plan in safety at heights and confined spaces. Our team is also trained in gas atmosphere testing and permit issuing. We undertake refresher courses every two years and for all new team members so that awareness and safe practices are always implemented.

How we're different

Here are some things you can expect when you choose us as your provider:

  • Our systems are tailored to your workflows
  • Job / request numbers / purchase orders are always shown on our invoices 
  • Our standards will exceed yours and at worst meet them
  • Your stress is our stress. We understand that by doing our job well, we support you in ensuring you are recognised for having done your job well.
  • We believe in honesty and great communication
  • We provide time-stamped, geo-mapped records for honest and accurate billing
  • We have the backing of the best suppliers, manufacturers and industry specialists including the Master Plumbers Association of Queensland (MPAQ)
  • We will offer multiple solutions where possible, within applicable laws, regulations, standards and codes
  • Periodic maintenance (such as backflow prevention devices and thermostatic mixing) becomes automated within our systems, so you only have to tell us about them once and we will remind you when they become due, saving you time and hassle.
  • Our work is delivered with Workplace Health & Safety law automation and compliance, with Job Safety Analysis for each job (sent with invoice). We have never had a lost time injury - our safety training and systems speak for that. Every day that we go home safely is proof of its effectiveness and a win for everybody.
  • We believe in long term cost savings by using the right product and solution from the outset. We don’t cut any corners.

Asset management for commercial property

Critical, periodic maintenance of your building’s plumbing fixtures and assets can be automated within our systems, so you only have to tell us about them once and we will remind you when they become due, saving you time and hassle.

Drain locating & CCTV drain inspection

If you suspect damage to your underground plumbing system or need to map the pipework, our state of the art CCTV technology will locate the position and depth of any issues, and plot out a map of the pipework at your property.

Fire mains, hydrants & hose reels

Our team can install, and maintain water fire fighting infrastructure and equipment (excluding fire sprinklers and systems), providing optimal coverage to your premises which complies with all relevant Australian Standards and Building Code of Australia requirements.

Gas install, certification & testing

As licensed gas fitters, we can assist with a variety of commercial equipment challenges, including new installations, repairs, safety checks, maintenance servicing.

Hot water install, testing, maintenance and safety plans

Reliable hot water that is efficient and ready when you and your building occupants need it. We can supply, install, test and maintain domestic and commercial hot water systems including gas, solar, heat pump, electric and hybrid units as well as provide energy efficiency advice. We can also produce hot water safety plans in cases where the temperature of heated/warm water is critical to the safety and care of persons within the facility.

Roofing, guttering and rainwater harvesting installation and repairs

We can fix your roof and gutter leaks, and clean your blocked gutters, preventing costly damage to ceilings, walls and foundations. We can also install, maintain and repair rainwater harvesting systems and tanks for your property.

Water, stormwater & drainage

Managing the effective diversion of waste water takes years of skill and experience to master. Our team can diagnose drainage issues, install or replace drainage systems and clean and repair your existing drainage system to get your drainage issue sorted effectively, affordably and quickly.