Affinity Plumbing solutions is proud to be a leading contractor in the commercial and industrial spaces focusing on mainstream maintenance and project work as well as sustainability and energy saving.

Affinity Plumbing Solutions is much more than a plumbing company. We have chosen a direction to be a vehicle for our team to up-skill and develop both personally and professionally to help them be the best they can be. This is our WHY.

To allow us to maximise the effectiveness of investing in our people, our hiring process is very strict to compliment what our business represents – a way to improve the lives of its workers and everyone who comes into contact with our business. A very careful process allows us to build a team conducive to a family culture of fulfillment and interdependence. We provide an environment where trained employees are given autonomy to succeed, to learn, and to achieve to their potential and beyond.

A few examples of the training we provide are high risk activity training programs and tickets, licence endorsements including TMV and Backflow, Machine operator tickets, experience and leadership, and personal development courses. Each quarter our team gets together and has a discussion about what they would like to learn or be trained in and a plan is made to allow this to happen.

Because we value the safety of each and every person, the high risk activity tickets are mandatory for those who take part in that work. We know these initiatives to be the means by which our team are inspired to constantly go the extra mile to nuture extremely good relations with our valuable contacts both up and down the chain of business.

There are 10 pre-requisites we require which take ZERO talent:
  1. Good and positive attitude – the basis and first step of winning.
  2. Work ethic – Showing up consistently and make decisions to best yourself and the company.
  3. Effort – Is a mindset as much as it is a behaviour. “The harder you work, the luckier you get”.
  4. Energy – We all have energy to achieve greatness within ourselves. The decision is how much we can give.
  5. Body Language – An important perception tool and easy to work on.
  6. Passion – Conquers all fears.
  7. Being coachable – Listen, learn from feedback and use the success of others to be your own springboard.
  8. Reliable – Punctuality is a foundation habit that requires organisation and planning, both of which are integral to success.
  9. Prepared – Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Being prepared lays the fastest path to build on talent.
  10. The extra mile – Going beyond the bare minimum will strengthen confidence by exceeding our own expectations.
Why the pre-requisites?

To maintain a good and positive culture so that all of our team get along and are happy to come to work, and last but not least, enjoy a very fulfilling and satisfying career to help you become your best self!

If you have these and wish to pursue a career in the plumbing industry, we would love to have a chat!

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