Hot Water Brisbane

Hot water systems supply heated water to kitchens, bathrooms, and even laundry rooms. They have become an important fixture in almost every Australian household. At Affinity Plumbing Solutions, we can help ensure this fixture stays in good condition at all times. We offer professional hot water repair and installation services in Brisbane. Whether you want to install a new system, repair an old one, or replace it, our qualified Brisbane plumbers can help.

Hot Water Repair

Hot water systems can last for over a decade if they are maintained well. Yearly inspections, regular cleaning, and prompt repairs can help extend its lifespan. If you notice warning signs like the ones mentioned below, contact us for repairs immediately:

  • The unit isn’t consistent and sometimes the water is either too cold or too hot.
  • There’s discolouration and odd odours in the water.
  • You can see clear rust or physical damage on and around the heater.
  • There is no water flow of water.
  • Water pressure is too low.
  • The instantaneous heater takes too much time to heat the water.

Our expert plumber will carry out a full assessment and determine the root cause of these issues. They travel in fully-equipped vans and should be able to fix the problem in a single visit.


Hot Water Replacement

If your unit is too damaged or beyond the warranty period, we usually recommend replacing it. New hot water systems are more energy-efficient, reliable, and durable. They are designed to last for more than a decade without any problems. We only recommend replacements if other alternatives are too expensive. Our experts will consider factors like:

  • Size of the property
  • Hot water requirements
  • Number of members in the property
  • Client’s budget
  • Current hot water set up

Once they understand your needs, our experts will offer honest and straightforward recommendations.


Hot Water Installation

Hot water systems come in a wide range of configurations and you need to determine which option is right for your property. Our experts have years of experience under their belt and have worked with different brands during this time. We know how different models perform in real-life conditions and can offer unbiased advice. Here’s a look at the different types of hot water systems available today:

  • Gas Hot Water Brisbane – Gas hot water systems are the most popular types of heaters because they are very reliable. They have low running costs and are energy-efficient, which means you save a lot of money on gas bills. They also provide hot water on demand and have a consistent performance.
  • Electric Hot Water – Electric hot water systems are more affordable up-front. They are just as reliable as gas units but are considered less energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly. Modern electric units are optimized for superior performance and are great for both residential as well as commercial use.
  • Solar – Solar hot water units have become very popular in recent years. They are eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and provide a consistent supply of water. The system has evolved considerably in recent years and is more reliable today than it was a few years ago. Unfortunately, solar heaters are a little more expensive up-front, which means they’re not ideal for customers on a tight budget.
  • Heat Pumps – Heat pumps run on electricity but they are more energy-efficient. The system doesn't heat water directly but transfers heat from another source to it. This process consumes less energy but is still very efficient.

Our experts can help you determine which option is the best choice for you during a consultation.

If you want to know more or wish to hire a reliable plumber hot water installation, get in touch with Affinity Plumbing Solutions. You can call 1300 066 766 or use our contact form to reach us.

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